Say Hello to the Founders

Say Hello to the Founders!

Meneliswa Adindu-McDonald

As a young girl I was raised in a very business-minded household, in a small town known as Wembezi of the KwaZulu-Natal Province,
South Africa. Being business-minded was very much a survival instinct, you did what you had to do to ensure you had an income.
This is exactly what my Gogo (grandmother) has done and continues to do my very own Independent Boss Lady!
How could I not be influenced? Naturally, by the time I emigrated to Ireland at the age of 11, my Zulu culture as well as this business-minded motive had been instilled in me. When we founded Umoja Linn, it was very much a preparation meets opportunity moment. The motivation from our side and willingness to succeed and fulfil our purpose have remained constant and un-waivered.

Outside Umoja Linn, I continue to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical sector as a biologist from which I’ve acquired non-technical skills which I’ve successfully implemented into our business. Ranging from management to critical thinking to attention to detail. On a daily basis as I reflect on how far the business has come, I’m only motivated to continuously strive to fulfil its maximum potential.

China Soribe

Kedu! I’m Chinaecherem Soribe, aka China the girl with the constant smile.

I was born in Imo State, the eastern heartland of Nigeria to two super human saints.
My parents are angels if you’ve ever met one, two medical doctors with a relentless passion to serve. Mummy worked in the Federal Medical Centre in Owerri while, Daddy was an entrepreneur running his hospitals in Ngor-okpala and Uzoagba. As a young girl I was always in awe of them.

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