Value Proposition

  • Reach a global audience
  • Your editable online store and blog which you can manage and personalise to embody your brand
  • Pro-active Umoja Linn representative dedicated to
    assisting with your store set up and successful growth.
  • Our user interface is designed to be simple and
    easy to use/navigate.
  • No set up fees. No monthly charges.


  • When and ONLY WHEN you make a sale!… Umoja linn gets a % commission
  • You must state your shipping, returns and refund policies clearly on your store page.
  • Your product images must be of high quality. They must show clearly and accurately the item being sold.
  • Contact us at [email protected] to get more information about opening your store.
  • Read a little About Us, and be sure to go over our Umoja linn Terms and Conditions

Umoja linn Fundamentals

   Umoja linn Fundamentals

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