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Hi there! Welcome to Umoja linn, your hub for world-class Afrocentric Brands. Our objective is to share African culture and style through a variety of unique and high-quality products inspired by the beauty that is Africa. We’ve created a community-centred e-commerce platform which allows African inspired designers from all parts of the world to display their art to a wide and global audience.

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, the general terms and conditions apply with no exceptions. Here at Umoja linn, we do our utmost best to make your selling and shopping experience an enjoyable and pleasant one.

The policies outlined below must be strictly adhered to by all Sellers, Buyers and Umoja linn team members. In fulfilling our business objective, we aim to mitigate any issues that may arise during your visit with us. We want to give our consumers the confidence to explore the platform’s wide range of brands and products, and an overall remarkable shopping experience.

Umoja linn Fundamentals

Review the below illustration for an overview of the Umoja linn Policies listed below. Visit to review our Privacy Policy

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2.1 Designer; otherwise referred to as Seller, personnel which collaborates with Umoja Linn to open a virtual shop and sell products on the platform

2.2 Consumer; otherwise referred to as a Buyer, a member that shows interest by buying products from at least one Seller.

2.3 Platform; a functional structure provided by Umoja Linn which enables the Seller to display and sell products and the Buyer to explore the products listed.

2.4 Product; an item displayed on the virtual Platform by the Seller to be sold to Buyers.

2.5 Consumers rights; A body of law that pertains to things the producers of good must do to protect customers from harm. These laws have come into existence through a series of legal disputes and have been shaped by the results of those cases. For more information please refer to Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 and Consumers Rights Act 2015.

2.6 A Dispute; an event that occurs when an issue with a purchase cannot be resolved directly between the buyer and the seller.

2.7 RMA request; Return Merchandise Authorization involves a process in which a product is returned by a consumer to receive a refund, coupon or a replacement as outlined by the selling designer.

We at Umoja linn constantly strive to be a reliable and trustworthy medium for connecting our global customer base with amazing African inspired designers anywhere in the world. Think of us as the cupid for African arts.

3.1  Service

We have taken great measures to control the quality of items displayed and sold on the platform. Please acknowledge that despite our best efforts to reach perfection, sometimes mistakes will be made as we are a community of designers based all over the world.  We ask for your understanding and patience when this happens. In an effort to regulate the service provided to our consumers and maintain our business’ well-earned reputation for high quality products and service, Umoja linn has not only set a stringent Seller Recruitment Process but, will also vigilantly audit consumer-seller relationships via reviews displayed in the designer home page and under each product. Umoja linn retains the right to take corrective action(s) to ensure a fair and pleasant experience for both the customer and the seller. These actions include but are not limited to issuance of warning(s), temporary or definite suspension of buyer/seller’s registration, and/or termination of our services.

It is the responsibility of the Seller to ensure the truth and accuracy of listings. As outlined in Section 4, returned items will be returned to Umoja linn (unless otherwise stated by the , after which, the team will determine the root cause of item(s) rejection.  The return Address will be provided by Umoja linn during the RMA process. In an event where the consumer believes the product to be inaccurate to what is displayed on the website, the Umoja linn team will discuss the event with the corresponding Seller to decipher potential preventative action.

3.2  Service Complaints

Unity and Self-empowerment are at the core of the Umoja linn business culture. To enable African-inspired designers to share their art on a global scale, we must play our part Seller by Seller. The service you provide as an individual Seller has the ability to influence a customer’s impression of the entire Umoja linn family. In saying this, each Seller is expected to maintain a store rating of 4 stars and above. Umoja linn retains the right to take corrective action in an event when a Seller’s store rating falls below the 4 star benchmark.

Inaccuracy of listings

Verified product inaccuracy complaints are critical cases which Sellers must avoid at all costs. For each inaccuracy complaint, the Umoja linn administration team will perform a review with the involved designer to determine root cause, after which appropriate correction action will be taken.A maximum threshold of 3 product inaccuracy complaints per quarter is set for each Seller, after which appropriate corrective action will be taken.

Unsatisfactory customer service

We must provide satisfactory customer service, to the best of our abilities. In an event where a Seller has received over 3 service complaints per quarter with no resolution, Umoja linn retains the right to take corrective action.

Product delivery delay

It is accepted that the Umoja linn family is global and therefore delivery times may vary. However, as outlined in Section 4 under ‘Sellers Obligation’, each Seller must outline their delivery interval. In an event where a Seller receives more than 5 product delay complaints, the Umoja linn support team will investigate the complaint root cause. To avoid product delivery delay, each Seller is advised to display products that are only physically available (reference Section 4 ‘Sellers Obligation). A maximum of 5 working days is deemed an acceptable timeframe for shipment fulfilment for, “ready to wear”, items.

Note: Umoja linn withholds the right to close any designer store that does not meet the business quality standards. The Team is available to Sellers 24/7 365 days a year, any issues must be highlighted, and a resolution will be found.

Sellers are obligated to act in accordance with Umoja linn’s business standards as outline in this document. Together we can create an impressionable shopping experience for all consumers. Let us use this platform to improve ourselves as Sellers, Designers and Business owners and shed light on the beauty that is Africa.

4.1 Code of Conduct

Each seller represents its own independent party and thus acts in its own name and account. All Sellers must adhere to Umoja linns’ Seller Code of Conduct.

Acting with Integrity 

As part of the Umoja linn family, you must act fairly and remain integral in all decision-making. You must be loyal to your customers and the overall Umoja linn vision of Unity and sharing Afro-inspired talent through high quality products and services.

Examples of dishonest behaviour include:

    • Deleting bad customer reviews instead of replying and finding resolution
    • Product misinterpretation
    • Providing inappropriate information to Umoja linn consumers, such as offensive product images
    • Failing to process refunds
    • Attempting to damage another Sellers’ reputation

Product display and availability 

With the exception of ‘Made To Order’ items, all products displayed in stock on the website  must be physically available and ready for dispatching. If a product is a ‘Made To Order’ item, this must be clearly highlighted on the website in the ‘short description section’ on the product page. It is the responsibility of the Seller to ensure that they provide the exact replica of what is displayed online. Failure to do so will lead to increased return rates, decreased customer satisfaction and hence decreased customer retention.

Seller recruitment

Designers aspiring to sell on the Umoja linn platform must have a minimum of five individual products available to sell. Prior to store approval, new designers will be required to send a minimum of two samples to the Umoja linn support team who will assess the quality of the aspiring Seller’s items as well as compare its accuracy to the product images provided.

Seller store policies

Each seller represents its own independent party and thus acts in its own name and account. Unless agreed prior to the collaboration, it is the full responsibility of the seller to provide and state their own shipping, returns and refunds policies.

Customer information

Sellers who receive customer information such as phone numbers, email addresses and or house addresses, must keep such information confidential and only use such information to fulfil orders. The use of Customer information for any other purpose is strongly prohibited. Prior to joining the Umoja linn team, all Sellers must agree to the Data protection laws outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Buyers can purchase products without creating an account. However, creating an account is recommended as it allows Buyers to engage with Sellers which will allow for an improvement in services provided. It takes two minutes!In creating an Umoja linn account, users are agreeing to Umoja linn’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. To register, each member must create a username and password. In an event where a member has forgotten their password, an option to reset their password will come up under ‘Lost your Password’.


6.1 Delivery time

Delivery time will vary based on the seller/buyer’s chosen delivery method. The location of the Seller and the Buyer is also a determining factor for how long it will take for an item to be delivered.

The shipping policy and estimated delivery time must be specified by the seller on the His/her page. A tracking number should be provided by the seller to enable tracking of the item by the buyer.

Sellers must have full transparency on their delivery/shipping policy. This will improve customer satisfaction and retention.

6.2 Undelivered Item?

If your item has not been delivered within the estimated delivery time, please allow an additional 2-3 days as packages may be delayed at customs.

If after the additional waiting period the item has still not been received, we recommend you contact the seller directly by clicking on the Get Support button on the designer’s store page to relay your concern. Follow up on your order and ask for any tracking information that will help to trace your order.

If the issue cannot be settled between the seller and buyer, or the seller is unresponsive then the buyer should escalate the issue to the Umoja linn team. An Umoja linn representative will be at your service and take appropriate action to resolve the dispute.

The customer may escalate the issue directly to Umoja linn by chatting to our customer support system indicated by the yellow chat icon (bottom left of the website) or by emailing their query to 

6.3 Customs charges on items from international sellers

All international deliveries may be subject to import duties and taxes once the package reaches the destination country. Any additional charges imposed by Customs authorities in the importing country must be covered by the buyer.

Umoja linn has no control over these charges as Customs policies vary from country to country. We must emphasise that the Buyer is considered the importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of the importing country.

7.1 Requirement from Seller

Each designer is required to specify their returns and refunds policies. This will be reviewed by the Umoja linn team to ensure the buyer’s rights are protected.

Note: Umoja linn Policy mandates that, the seller allows the buyer at least 14 days from the date the good(s) is received to notify the business that they want to return.

7.2 Returning your item

All items must be returned in their original condition. They must be unused, unworn, unaltered, and unwashed.

To return a product click on the Ask for a Refund button for the appropriate order on the order page to request a return form. Once the return request form has been completed and submitted, it will be reviewed by the relevant designer. Each designer is obligated to act in accordance with their pre-specified return/exchange terms and conditions.

If the Refund request is approved, the Buyers must return the product to the provided return address which will be communicated via email. Payment of shipping cost for returning an item is the Buyers responsibility. Payment refunds will only be issued once the product has been received and assessed by the Umoja linn team.

Upon receipt, the Umoja linn team will assess the quality of the returned items. Any declined return request upon product receipt by the Umoja linn team will be charged a 50% restocking fee.
Note: Umoja linn’s return policy only last 14 days after delivery date. The Buyer is entitled to a ‘cooling-off period’, which lasts 14 days starting from the day the item(s) is received. The Buyer will be refunded for the refund request(s) made within the “cooling-off period”. The Seller is NOT obliged to accept returns made outside this time frame. In addition, the cooling-off period does not apply to customised items that have been adjusted or personalised to the Buyer’s specificationsWe do NOT accept returns on clearance/sale items.

8.1 Umoja linn Commission

There is no subscription fee required. The Umoja linn commission rate of 17% is chargeable only when you make a sale. The commission rate will be automatically deducted from each processed order, no matter the payment method used.

8.2 Sale Process 

Umoja linn uses the following payment methods:

    • Secure credit card payment system (powered by Stripe)
    • PayPal.

Once the Buyer has finalized his/her payment,  an order confirmation will be sent to the Buyer. A summary of charges will be displayed in the order notes section of the order for PayPal. For Stripe, a more detailed summary of the fees will be available in the connected Stripe account.

8.3 Payout

Umoja linn uses the following payment transfer methods to Payout Sellers:

    • Stripe
    • PayPalBank
    • Transfer.


Stripe is the recommended payment gateway. It takes 7 days to process Payouts. A list of all Payouts and the date they are expected to be transferred to a connected bank account can be viewed in the Sellers Stripe account Dashboard.


Sellers may opt to receive Payouts via PayPal. A summary of fees chargeable by PayPal will be displayed. Please allow a duration of 7 working days for Payout receipt.

Direct Bank Transfer 

For Sellers unable to connect to Stripe or PayPal, an additional Payout transfer method can be used. Payouts can be transferred directly to Sellers via several methods including but not limited to FlutterWave, WorldRemit. Chargeable fees and Payout duration may vary depending on transfer method used. Sellers are advised to use Stripe or PayPal, where possible.



A Dispute occurs when an issue with a purchase cannot be resolved directly between the buyer and the sellerExamples could be:

  • Undelivered items
  • Reception of defective or wrong item(s)
  • Unresponsive Seller after a confirmed purchase
  • Refusal by the seller to accept a refund where the buyer insists, he/she are entitled to it

Here at Umoja linn, we believe in the culture of Unity. Whether you are a buyer or seller or simply a browser, we are determined to make your time with us an enjoyable experience. Should any issues arise during your time with us, we urge you to contact us on or simply talk to our customer support team by clicking on the yellow chat icon on the bottom right of the website.

We have come a long way from selling t-shirts in college hallways, and we owe it all to you!  We will continually strive to offer you nothing short of the best African fashion shopping experience.

Please acknowledge that despite our best efforts to reach perfection, sometimes mistakes will be made. We ask for your understanding and patience when this happens. We also ask for your help, suggestions, or advice about any area of Umoja linn’s business model in which you see potential for improvement. We are always at your disposal, feel free to reach out and contact us via We would love to hear from you. Your support has brought us this far.

Unity by us,
Umoja linn